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NoteClip is a simple tool that lets you easily take notes, save them and organize them, so that they're always available when you need them.

The application lets you organize all the notes you want, and makes it easy to do so using a directory system in which it is very simple to copy and paste different elements. You just have to drag notes from one location to another to move them.

You can delete notes any time, simply by dragging them to the trash bin icon located at the end of the directory list. That way, you can get rid of notes, once you don't need them anymore.

One very interesting feature lets you apply a password to your notes, so that only the user can access the most important information.

NoteClip is a very simple, easy-to-use application that really comes in handy. With this application, you can quickly jot down any idea you have, or any text that you read online.
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